Spirit of Peace in Times of War

The General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church, representing Bishops and Lay Presidents of the Church Districts from around the Carpathian Basin, in its Pentecost message relies on the reflection of it member church in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being” Eph. 3:16

Celebrating Pentecost, we first of all witness to the belief that the Holy Spirit is God. Not something, but someone. Not some force, not some object, but God, who reigns with love, power and full authority. As our Pentecostal hymn says, we worship the Triune God by invoking Him, "Come, Lord, as the Spirit come”.

The story of Pentecost is both a fulfilment and a new beginning. The redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the work of liberation and salvation has been fulfilled. For the disciples, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit made this real. They knew Jesus, they saw him die on the cross, and even saw the risen Lord and heard him say, "Peace be with you." Yet they were fearful, they had no strength. Jesus knew this. They needed the convincing power of the Spirit, a flame of joy and courage to be kindled in their hearts, so that they could become ambassadors, apostles for the benefit and salvation of others. The Holy Spirit made the work redemption of Jesus Christ a reality.

Apostle Paul writes to the church at Ephesus, "...strengthen you... by his Spirit". Thus the Holy Spirit flows, spreads and gives life in Jerusalem, in Ephesus, in Rome, then in Europe and throughout the world. Also in our nation. Because the same God lives now and can do miracles with us in the same way. This miracle can be expressed in this way: he transforms us into new people, because the Holy Spirit, who came at Pentecost, remains with us every day until the end of the world. That is why we can ask him to perform wonders with us too, to make us a new creation. We can pray that he create peace in our hearts even in times of war. He can transform our fears and doubts into trust and conviction. Our religiousness into a saving faith.

The Church lives by the Holy Spirit. So let us ask Him to give life to us too, today's witnesses, for the glory of our God and the benefit of our neighbour.

We wish a blessed feast to all our brothers and sisters!