Répás Zsuzsanna

Zsuzsanna Répás Has Died

Zsuzsanna Répás passed away at the age of fifty-six. She served as the chair of the Ecumenical and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Synod of Reformed Church of Hungary since 2021. She worked in the field of foreign relations, with a focus on the relations among Hungarians living outside of Hungary.


Roundtable Denounces Military Aggression Against Ukraine

In a second ecumenical roundtable meeting convened by the World Council of Churches on 10 June in Bossey, Switzerland, senior representatives of WCC member churches from several European countries , including Bishop Zoltán Balog of RCH, gathered to consult each other on relevant developments.


Scottish Moderator Visited Ukraine

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (CoS) has visited Ukraine and Hungary to find out how donations from CoS members are being used to support people affected by the war. Lord Jim Wallace was joined by Rt. Rev. Susan Brownand Rev. Ian Alexander.

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MRSZ adomány  -ukrajnai válság - 2022. február

Emergency Response for Ukraine - Overview and Updates

On February 24 Russia attacked Ukraine and invaded the country. Due to the military operations and actual war in our neighbouring country, human lives are at risk, people lack basic supplies and have been forced to leave their homes. Internally displaced people have reached the Western part of Ukraine, called also Trans- or Subcarpathia and refugees are arriving to Hungary in growing numbers. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) has been providing emergency response from the first day and will keep international partners informed about its operation by publishing daily updates.

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Zsukovszky Miklós

Solidarity With Pastors in Ukraine

Those who stay in Ukraine and continue serving faithfully among elderly people and refugees need help themselves. The Presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary issued a circular requesting pastors to offer parts of their salaries for the fellow ministers in Ukraine, persevering and serving faithfully in the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia. International partners are also welcome to show solidarity.

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Canaan in Göncruszka

This September will be the second anniversary of the opening of TejjelMézzel (which translates as ‘With Milk and Honey’), a Reformed restaurant in Göncruszka maintained by the local reformed congregation. Interview with Rev. Levente Sohajda.

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Decision Made at the Right Time

The leaders of the Church can perform exceptionally well if the organization behind them works seamlessly – professes István Mózes Mező, the head of the Office of the General Synod. He sees the office, established in the current synodical term as a separate organizational branch, as a tool which, with the effective use of resources, can affect not just the Church, but the whole society.


“If I Do Not Have Love, I Am Nothing”

It was humility that God has thought him lately. He fled from Transcarpathia, Ukraine, but now he receives himself refugees in his home in Hungary. After crossing the border, he immediately started to volunteer; interpreting, transporting, and trying to be God's instrument. Interviwe with Zoltán Szabó, an elder from the Ukrainian village Sernye.

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Church with Others

Roma Ministry

Canaan in Göncruszka

This September will be the second anniversary of the opening of TejjelMézzel (which translates as ‘With Milk and Honey’), a Reformed restaurant in Göncruszka maintained by the local reformed congregation. Interview with Rev. Levente Sohajda.

Christlike Mindset in Education

Since September, a new team of mentors has been accompanying the institutional development of schools participating in the HEKS-funded inclusion program of RCH. The initiative is part or the strategic cooperation with the Swiss Protestant Church Aid in the Ministry among Roma.

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Migration and Refugee

Budapest - The City Of Light

Annamaria Apelt finished high school in 2019 and shortly after that she found herself in Budapest, as part of her social voluntary year. She volunteered with the Refugee Ministry of RCH, supporting the daily operation of RCH's implementing partner, the Kalunba Social Services Non-Profit.

Putting Her Plans in God’s Hands

At 23 years old Angela Canadey is serving as a coordinator for Kalunba Social Services, and member of the Churches' Commission for Migrants of Europe (CCME). Originally from Pakistan, her family fled to Hungary because of the threat their Christian faith posed to their livelihood there.

We Are Citizens Of God's Kingdom

Pakistani and Hungarian, but above all: Christian. This is how Angela Canadey, coordinator of the Refugee Ministry of RCH - who arrived in Hungary as a refugee with her family - speaks about herself.

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Christians in Minority

Delegation of RCH Visited Syria

His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II held a reception in honor of Bishop Zoltán Balog, Ministerial President of the Synod of RCH during a visit of the Hungarian delegation in Syria, led by the Bishop.

Church Aid Campaign for Pakistan

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) launched a donation campaign last year to support the humanitarian program offering help to Afghan refugees in the country. Thanks to the donations, RCH was able to offer 14 000 USD to the Presbyterian community in Pakistan.

Károli Christian Scholarship

Károli Gáspár University of the RCH founded a scholarship scheme to provide study opportunities for young Christian students who are living in minority in selected countries in the Middle-East, Asia and Africa. The University offers 5 full scholarship a year. Deadline for applications is 30th April.

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Christianity around the World

World Communion of Reformed Churches

Conference of European Churches

SASCE presented in Slovakia and France

Training on security awareness and crisis management in Europe was carried out for CEC Member Churches in Slovakia and France. The sessions were part of …

World Council of Churches