All Four Reformed Bishops from Hungary Visited Transcarpathia

Press Release

The four Reformed Bishops from Hungary assured their brothers and sisters in Transcarpathia of their support on behalf of the Hungarian reformed community at their visit in Beregszász (Berehove). During the historic visit, beside the donations, the Bishops also presented the deep sympathy of the reformed communities in Hungary and the Hungarian nation, the message of national solidarity and love across the border in a peaceful region of the war-torn country.

"Reformed people have not been involved in an armed conflict, but they are fighting for souls," said Bishop Zoltán Balog, ministerial president of the Synod of RCH, in his sermon which he held in the local Reformed church. The Bishop appreciated those who remained in Transcarpathia as important as those who felt forced to leave their homes; those, as he put it regarding Hungary, who “returned home from home”. He also added that it is our hope that they will one day find their way back to their homeland.


Bishop Zoltán Balog preaches in the Church in Beregszász

Fotó: Attila Zelenka

Károly Fekete, Bishop of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District (Debrecen), reminded the Reformed community living in Transcarpathia that they have been belonging together for centuries, while József Steinbach, Bishop of the Transdanubian Reformed Church District (Pápa), emphasized that we need each other, but even more so we are in need, together, of divine intervention beyond human assistance. "God encourages us to trust in his providence even in times of war," he said. Dániel Pásztor, Bishop of the Cistibiscan Church District (Miskolc), said about the purpose of the visit that they wanted to express their solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Transcarpathia in deeds. "We don't let you down, you can coint on us, and God won't forget you either," he said.


Bishop Károly Fekete preaches in the Church in Beregszász

Fotó: Attila Zelenka

Bishop Sándor Zán Fábián, Bishop of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, thanked the Hungarian brothers for their support and stressed that war will end when people are reconciled with each other and with God. The hosting Church declared 2022 the year of gratitude, and against the war they can give thanks even in these days that there is still peace in this region of the country and they can be the ones who can be of help for those who seek refuge. He added that they look forward to welcome back home all those who have been forced to leave their homes.

At last, Sándor Zán Fábián, Bishop of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia reminded in his serman that there is reason to be thankful even in 2022, - which otherwise was delcared the Year of Gratitude in the hosting church - considering that Transcarpathia was still not attacked on the eighth day of the war, and the region is the only safe refuge in Ukraine. He even added that people should serve with joy, because anyone who offered shelter to a small child, anyone who has even been able to share a Bible verse with a refugee, will understand what it means to rejoice. He thanked the more than seventy pastors in the church for not leaving Transcarpathia and helping the refugees.


Fotó: Attila Zelenka

The Goodwill Ambassador of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, Katalin Novák also attended the worship and assured the reformed community of her sympathy. As she concluded, the delegation brought love, hope and faith from Hungary.


Károly Czibere, president of HRCA, Katalin Novák, Goodwill Ambassador and Márton Juhász CEO of HRCA

Fotó: Attila Zelenka

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid and the delegation, delivered four and a half tons of durable food, hygiene and medical supplies The bishops handed over one hundred new Reformed hymn books to the Reformed people of Beregszász.